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Thanks to the generosity and technical wizardry (at least to my Neanderthalic eyes) of Isaac Freund, we now have a forum to inform, enlighten, and encourage each other, as we pursue CAHFH’s vision for partnering with local folks and outside volunteers in addressing problems with substandard housing and deeper issues of racial reconciliation in the Mississippi Delta. We would like for this website to feature offerings from all of our constituents: homeowners, board members, donors, volunteers, and other parties willing to invest in the CAHFH mission.

Eventually, we will be including pictures, donor information, and opportunities for service, as we (Isaac) has the chance to continue his fine work. Please send any contributions to or suggestions for the website to my email (bill@clarksdalehabitat.org) so we can consider how to best include them.

Bill Sutton

CAHFH Chief of Operations

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Our Affiliate

Clarksdale Area Habitat for Humanity works on alleviating substandard housing in Clarksdale, Mississippi.

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Sweat Equity

Only a small down payment is asked of partner families, for few low-income families can afford more. Instead, future habitat homeowners contribute sweat equity.

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Discover what you can do to help out. Our volunteers play a major role in improving and transforming neighborhoods and lives.

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As we end the construction year in Clarksdale (too hot for any more building until the fall), it seems good and right to see this time as the end of a chapter. Since the beginning of 2019, friends of CAHFH from all over the world have rallied to help save the affiliate, and these efforts have been richly rewarded. During the trying 7 months between January and July, we have succeeded in reconstituting an invigorated board of committed members representing our major constituencies, we have paid off the lion’s share of the debt left at the end of the year, we have obtained insurance for all of our homeowners and have pioneered new ways of involving and affirming them, and, to top it all off, we have found an umbrella organization that will embrace us Read More ›

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